The best dojo on the planet
Dark Alley Defense
by Jason Tomlinson

You go to basketball practice to learn basketball to play basketball on a basketball court
and it’s the same across the board you can plug in the values for any sport
except for martial arts – that can happen any place
no ball no hoop all you need is space
to move chop punch and kick
with agility and strength and precision on the quick
to perform feats of power dealt to those who offend
for the sake of protecting in order to defend
friends and family and even you
the will to act and knowing what to do
makes goals and touchdowns a silly pursuit
baskets and points dissatisfying fruit
cause what good are they in the perilous valley?
how helpful will they be in a darkened alley?
martial arts on the other hand could be your best friend
the moves the discipline and the knowledge to defend

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