The Fatal Attraction of my Basic Instinct is no Pulp Fiction but an Inconvenient Truth
I was Home Alone Dazed and Confused Every Which Way But Loose Behind Enemy Lines
in Clear and Present Danger my Temple of Doom was none other than Sin City
I was Falling Down and I could not get Up
my Bad Teacher said there were No Strings Attached
but the Indecent Proposal tried to pull me into the Abyss
surrounded by Ruthless People I was nearly Gone With the Wind
my Higher Learning couldn’t save me from those Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
a Cool World had Bewitched me Across the Universe
my Beautiful Mind had been Cast Away
the Faces of Death were too Big for this Titanic to float
My Life had become the Night of the Living Dead
this Lone Ranger got Dumb and Dumber
til my Deep Impact was an Unbreakable Armageddon
plugged in to the Matrix I believed the Inception
my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was in a League of Their Own
and I was the Invisible Man 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
before I was Gone in 60 Seconds I knew Something’s Gotta Give
my Neverending Story proved I couldn’t Lean on Me
my Crash left me Unknown in a Chamber of Secrets
well there came a point when the Angels in the Outfield started playing Hide and Seek
I left the place where Some Like it Hot and headed Over the Top
Oh believe me it was the Perfect Storm and there was a Rumble in the Bronx
but the Ghost Busters of my Resident Evil restored me to Glory
Chariots of Fire ushered in the Flight of the Navigator
and I was Saved! no longer in a Field of Dreams
Life is Beautiful no longer on a Hook
I had Atonement no longer Unforgiven
I had an Excellent Adventure no longer a Bogus Journey
Some Kind of Wonderful took my sin Far and Away
now I am a Witness to The Power of One The Passion of the Christ
and there aint no Lethal Weapon that can take away my Braveheart
I no longer Supersize Me ‘cause it’s all about Jesus Christ Superstar
His Fellowship repels the Two Towers ‘cause I believe in the Return of the King
and though there be Series of Unfortunate Events
though life can be Stranger than Fiction
though the Empire Strikes Back with the Phantom Menace
I have a New Hope ‘cause I can say “It’s a Wonderful Life”