Bring Back the Poetry

Written word and spoken word from Jason Tomlinson



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Episode 147 – It’s There – There is goodness in you.

Episode 146 – Tall Tale Teller (in tribute to Minton Sparks)

Episode 145 – Daddy – Sometimes we dads are as goofy as our kids.

Episode 143 – This Great Day – What a great day I had! Check out my gratitude list in verse.

Episode 142 – Not Alone – An admission that I am not self sufficient.

Episode 141 – The Weird Al Poem – A tribute to the King of Parody

Episode 140 – What’s Your Story? – We all have one. Does anyone know yours?

Episode 139 – Model Teacher feat Rashad ThaPoet – The third feature/interview for National Poetry Month. Rashad is amazing!

Episode 138 – Room for Surprise – Expectation consistently defeats surprise.

Episode 137 – Guacamole is Delicious – Well, it is! Still, am I just talking about guacamole?

Episode 136 – Strong Force (The Musings of a Star Wars Dad) – I am a geek and i am proud of it!

Episode 135 – Draw It Out – My goal as a teacher is to draw out wisdom and knowledge from my students.

Episode 134 – Send Your Words – An invitation to positive communication.

Episode 133 – Always More – This poem is an admission of hasty thinking.

Episode 132 – It’s Like Breathing feat. Crystal Jones – The second feature for National Poetry Month. Includes an interview with Crystal, a poem in tribute to her and a poem from her.

Episode 131 – Getting It Together (a tribute to my parents for their 45th anniversary)

Episode 125 – Walking in Her Gifting feat. Tia Mitchell – The first feature for National Poetry Month, Tia Mitchell brings more enthusiasm and conviction I’ve seen in a while! Take a listen!  You’ll be glad you did.

Episode 123 – Nailed to the Cross – In this Good Friday episode the poem I share rejoices in the truth that my list of transgressions is nailed to the cross.

Episode 122 – One Truth – The poem in this episode reminds us all that Jesus welcomes sinners.

Episode 121 – Little Arms – In this episode I share a poem about the sweetness of affection from little ones.

Episode 120 – What Will You Make? – Technology is best used for creativity.

Episode 119 – Everyone’s Cheerleader feat. Hannah Tomlinson – Hannah truly is everyone’s cheerleader!  Take a listen and see for yourself.

Episode 118 – Be You feat. Jimmy Travis – The humorist, Jimmy Travis and I get to talk about his career spanning more than 40 years.  Such a great example!

Episode 112 – Consecrate this Dance Floor – A poem about dancing with my daughter.  You’re gonna wanna hear this.

Episode 111 – Have it All feat. Blue Mother Tupelo – A poem in tribute to, an interview with, and a song from Blue Mother Tupelo

Episode 104 – Only He Could feat. Wayne Brezinka – A poem in tribute to and an interview with Wayne Brezinka

Episode 99 – Unknown Honor (A Tribute to the Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)

Episode 97 – Seize the Goal feat. Justin Swanson – A poem in tribute to and an interview with the owner and head instructor of Hendersonville Martial Arts

Episode 90 – Empowered feat. Kevin Lawson – A poem in tribute to and an interview with the CEO of Cedarstone Studios and School of Music

Episode 83 – Turn on the Light feat. Steve Brown – A poem in tribute to Steve Brown’s work with the Hendersonville Samaritan Association as well as interview

Episode 76 – Fresh Start feat. Gidget Stewart – A poem in tribute to Gidget Stewart’s work with Fresh Start Resources and an interview.

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