Wayne Brezinka

I have some extraordinarily talented friends. Among them is Wayne Brezinka. He has been a freelance artist for about eight years and his catalog of work is more impressive than I can describe so go see it for yourself right here. I got to sit down with Wayne this morning and interview him about several of his pieces. After the interview I consequently found my own creativity stirred. Here is the result. Oh yeah, I will be posting that interview as soon as my computer get fixed (ugh)!

Only He Could
by Jason Tomlinson

He didn’t wait to be asked he just did it 

no one knew what was coming but when he hit it
they recognized it for the home run it was
and he distinguished himself from one who could to one who does
a supermodel for assertiveness and enterprise
a gift for the soul a delight to the eyes
all because he did what only he could do
only he brought such a depth of richness to view
now people are coming in day after day
they want what he does they love his way
they love his work its comparison does not exist
it has a personality that will perpetually persist
far beyond our lives his art will remain
through the ages its echoes will explain
the richness of a heart so few knew about
no one asked him – but everyone wanted – for him to bring the inside out.