Make it to Eight
by Jason Tomlinson

A full day on my feet it’s the same for her too

the dismissal bell rings but we are far from through
we both have track practice for a bit but then I’m gone
grabbing the kids on the way home – pizza time dinner’s on
a few moments with dear friends more like family with common hearts
the moment is over I’m out the door time to go to martial arts
she goes to three hours of meetings no karate action
both of us just trying to make it just trying to maintain traction
we hold on to hope to the one thing we deem great
Lord, please help us make it to bedtime at eight!
we have way too much piled up on our plate
but it’ll all work out if we can make it to eight!
I believe we will get there I sure hope we won’t be late
I’ll hang on a little bit longer very soon I’ll crash at eight!