Congratulations to Nolan and Alisha Crooks! Just Married today!

A Marriage Prayer

by Jason Tomlinson 

I feel my heart swell at such an occasion 

holiness plus happiness make up the equation 
that everyone present counts as a gift 
the whole event serves to lift
up the spirits of all gathered there
so I too lift up my spirit to my Father in prayer
Father You make all things good and pure
You invented all of this for sure
this institution this relationship this day
has You all over it in every single way
so I know I can be confident with my supplication 
I know You delight in our invitation 
I know You delight in these two right here
so with great excitement I call to Your ear
raise them up high above the level of this earth
let their value be determined by the worth
that You have set for them as man and wife
allies under You and partners for life
put in them a desire for You above all
above each other above themselves and Father when they fall
raise em right back up with strength renewed
with focus sharpened and piety imbued 
let their marriage serve as a source of truth Your Word
may it be spoken every where it can be heard
at home afar and along the way
nights of darkness and brightest day
God give them the relationship You have with Your own 
holy and pure from spirit to bone
right now forevermore again and again
sanctify this marriage in Jesus’ Name Amen!