Jason Tomlinson and Rashad ThaPoet
Model Teacher
by Jason Tomlinson

Demonstration with instruction and instruction with demonstration

he models what he teaches giving such an education
to his students which will never spoil or fade
but with foundational integrity such lessons are made
so that these lessons they won’t soon be forgettin’
because these lessons are much more than just the words he’s spittin’
they’re more than just words on the mic that sound fresh
these words aren’t just words – these words have flesh
and bones and muscle geared to move with action
the positivity plus performance promotes community attraction
and the people have been gathering by the thousands every year
it’s true that they want to listen they definitely wanna hear
but that’s not the only benefit they get from this great man
in addition to being inspired they find they also can
do what he does they can practice what he’s preaching
that’s what I’m talking about his ability for reaching
defies death in some instances for real
his words have been known to comfort and heal
that’s why I wanna do what he is doing
that’s why I wanna be in the same way pursuing
the path that helps others make the choice
of finding and using the sound of their voice
and I know I can’t do it unless I model it too
so in the same fashion I present to all of you
the example set by this great man

if he if I if you we all can