What’s  your Story?
by Jason Tomlinson

So often the stories that are better to tell

have to do with those times we weren’t doing so well
and we made mistakes which lead to consequences
as we were on both sides of the fences
or maybe we abandoned any hope of being cleaner
and walked in foreign countries seeking grass that was greener
only to find it did not exist
and now we’re in a place where the point has been missed
everyone has a story of this kind
where folly leads us to lose our mind
and somehow somehow we walk away
to find God running full on down the drive way
this is everyone! I’m telling y’all what
we all have had life kick us square in the butt
and gone head over heels with absolutely no clue
I can honestly say this is me this is you
but it’s so hard to talk about it we don’t wanna look bad
back then we thought it would all end up glad
and embarrassment followed when it did not
so talking about it puts us in a knot
we’d rather sit back relax and deny
while we’re sipping on a soda and telling a lie
or ten or a hundred or a thousand or more
but dishonesty renders no conclusion to war
if there is to be any remedy
for the junk that weighs down the past of you and me
we must find a way to get  our story out there
it won’t be easy when we endeavor to bare
the very thing that robs us of glory
but let’s get started – what’s your story?