This Great Day
by Jason Tomlinson

What a good day from sunrise to sunset

of a kind that I won’t soon forget
blessings poured out from beginning to end
great family great work a great day with great friends
This morning waking up right next to
the splendor of a most fantastic view
my beautiful wife my partner and queen
blessed beyond through every scene
and then on to meet with my guys
we get together and that way we are wise
wiser than the thoughts we have in isolation
but forsaking such realities we put red lights on temptation
and green lights go on righteousness
representing manhood we’re a beautiful mess
then on to work where I’m totally in my zone
analyzing poetry – this lesson I own
I got observed at a great time by my coordinator
and when we follow up on my lesson later
I’m not worried about my marks be it five or one
she loves those students and she’s helping me get it done
then right after school I was able to see
a friend who seriously inspires me
her story is God blessed God centered and God moved
the word of her testimony is His glory proved
next on the agenda was also a major winner
friends for H’ville Samaritan dinner
such excellent examples were recognized and awarded
their deeds honored and their stories reported
so glad to be be there overwhelmed to be in it
and they even let me do poetry for a minute
so now we’re home and feeling great
with DLC for Mario Kart 8
downloading in the background while I reflect
about this great day with gratitude direct
to the One who gives gives and gives more
than I could ever begin to be thankful enough for
but that won’t stop me from at least trying
what a great day there’s no denying
God thank You for taking me from start to end
when I wake up tomorrow let’s do it again!