What Will You Make?

By Jason Tomlinson

If you’re reading this – good job – because you’re among the few

who have the resources and technology to put it all in view

whatever device these words appear on may or may not be the best

but the fact that you even have access is proof enough you’re blessed

so let me ask you a question since this is the case

since we have so much – what do you suppose is our place?

cause shopping posting tweeting playing and commenting sure are fun

but I wonder if that’s just the surface and there’s much more to be done?

cause I’ve seen these devices do even more amazing things

inspiring defending loving they project and freedom rings

to the discouraged the isolated the unaccepted and afraid

these devices serve as tools and through us wonders are made

and trust me when I say that despite the unhealthy norm

of marketing to consumers taking the world by storm

that these devices are for creating much more frequently

they are tools in capable hands to serve you and me

so now I ask you – what will you create?

what will you produce on this screen be it small or great?

a generation ago they had less no smartphones and never online

but consider they put a man on the moon in 1969

so I ask you again my repeating is no mistake

you have more power than all other eras so today what will you make?