Grace Tree
by Jason Tomlinson
We started on the right foot we had a good foundation
we were tuesday and thursday at our favorite location
ah – our favorite location – it meant so much to me
we were tuesday and thursday in the world of our tree
nothing could touch us five feet in the air
no evil approached us none would ever dare
for the foundation laid in that tree was one of grace
and when grace is the foundation evil has no place
we recognized graceless times sitting in that tree
and introducing grace to the past we made that evil flee
that’s how we started and it’s just what we needed
for outside those graceful branches we had been harshly treated
cheated we were by one already defeated
but grace in the park rendered his work victoriously deleted
Today i find no tree but i surely feel its lack
for i need the grace that made our tree holy to quickly come back
can you help me?  can you help me find our tree?
for i need its grace so evil will flee
we are tuesday and thursday and we are not through yet
i need to remember the grace of the tree 
‘cause right now there’s some evil i need to forget