Alliterate Adoration
by Jason Tomlinson
My attention needs adjusting because i assume i’m always awesome
the beauty i behold is below the brilliance born beyond
causing me to collide with crazy caresses credited with little caution
deliverance is desperately desired for the departure of my dark destruction
eventually i’ll be eliminated if i don’t elect the exceptional eternity
finally i’m focused on my Father Who forgives and forgets my foul faults
gratefully i gravitate into the grip of God’s good great grace
He heals my hurt and hurls my heartache into hell so i have Heaven 
i inherit the imperishable infinity ignoring ignorance i’m ignited
joyful and jubilant through Jesus i’ve been justified
He is the King of my kardia i’m high as a kite because of His kindness
luck had nothing to do with the lavish way He lifted my life
He makes me more of a man a maneuvering man moving mountains mightily
not noticing the night which does not notice how nice it is to be new
i’m open to opportunity through the Omnipotent One who always overcomes
putting in me a passion to put away perversity and pick up praise for the Prince of Peace  
i’m on a quest for the quintessential rest found only in quiet moments with Him
He reveals release to me and my resistance to His revelations is repealed
successfully i surrender to His Salvation and me solo is no longer the situation
terrific is the term i tag on the tight way He totally touched this terrible terrestrial
understood not in the underground i was underestimated by unappreciative underlings
but victoriously i rise to nueva vida so the vile violence that violated me has vanished in the vacuum
working wonderfully i will willfully walk in the way more wondrous than wallowing in wackiness
yo i yield to His yoke which can be yours cause His answer to you is always yes
I’m the zero He’s my hero I’m zealous for the God that’s taking me to Zion