Love’s Story
Jason Tomlinson
Two thousand years ago Love came down
into Bethlehem a little Israeli town
many people did not understand
that Love had come into the land
Love grew up into a boy
He was popular and his company they did enjoy
He grew in wisdom and stature with man
he followed His Father’s plan
Many years later Love’s cousin came preaching
hearts He was convicting and souls He was reaching
He talked about Love come down from on high
the man whose sandals he was unworthy to untie
“Behold the Lamb” Love appeared face to face
fulfilling all righteousness he was baptized in that place
upon this down came a dove
and a voice saying “this is my son whom I love”
God commanded them to listen to Him
so Love started His ministry to men
Love began to preach and if you listen you’ll hear
“Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near”
He healed the sick and raised the dead
He multiplied fish broke bread and fed
He trained His apostles to carry on His mission
He said men not fish is what you oughta be fishin’
He befriended sinners and communed with the outcast
He said the last will be first and the first will be last
Love was the true picture of success
but He was not without His share of stress
For fear was also in the land
and he got in to the thinking of man
he used jealousy and deceitful behavior
to try and bring down the Love Savior
he used a backstabber and a Pharisee or two
to form a plan to kill the King of the Jew
they tried to trap Him in the words that he said
they used every trick they knew to make Love dead
but He was spotless through and through
and there was nothing true they could do
so they spoke lies and went to Rome’s throne
and unfortunately this guy had no backbone
so the words of the prophet finally came true
and Love was mocked and beaten and the nail was driven through
on that dark day Love died on a cross
His followers wept bitterly thinking it was a loss
for Love had said He’d destroy the temple
and rebuild it in three days no problem very simple
fear thought he had won
that He had killed Love the Son
but on the third day Love’s friends came along
and upon the grave they found something wrong
they found that Love’s body wasn’t there
that to be seen it wasn’t anywhere
but then this guy came and said
“why do you search for the living among the dead?”
“Love is risen just as He said”
they were filled with joy when they heard
so they went to give His apostles the word
but it seemed there was doubt at work among them
but the truth was evident once they saw Him
Love appeared to many in that town
He made many a believer as He walked around
until one day He gathered with the eleven
and gave them instructions before ascending to Heaven
His mission was completed so He went back up above
His name is Jesus Christ the incarnate of love