Joe and Eva Tomlinson
Eva and Joe Tomlinson
Getting it Together
by Jason Tomlinson
My parent’s love story is a good one for sure
since 1970 their status has endured
through thick and thin high and low
and for forty-five years now they’ve managed to grow
to a state worthy of imitation
imperfect but worthy of emulation
and it gives me so much hope so much confidence
staying together makes so much sense
no it’s not easy and that’s not even the point
cause it’s no surprise when we disappoint
and I know that mom and dad have done it plenty
but excuses for quitting? they don’t have any
because they never quit
despite failures despite disappointments despite all of it
they persevered through it all they grabbed a hold and held on
that’s what I’ll be holding on to long after their gone
theirs will be the stuff of legend for my brothers and me
our parents modeled exactly how it’s supposed to be
getting it wrong getting it right but getting it together
defying performance and all kinds of weather
such an example is the most ideal view
getting it together – that’s what we’ll do