It’s Like Breathing
by Jason Tomlinson

We know who we are we know what we’re supposed to be doing

but sometimes life is an obstacle to our higher pursuing
sometimes we forget or maybe just put on hold
our passion our calling our spark but thank God it is never sold
it is never lost indeed it never goes away
to quote a friend “it’s like breathing” so it’s definitely here to stay
we may suppose it’s not real or there are other things we lack
but the thing – the real thing – always boomerangs right back
circumstances have a way of drawing these things out
things and people have a way of eliminating every doubt
because it is like breathing it’s exactly what we’re supposed to do
it wouldn’t be right to stop and anyone who would ask you to
has no idea who you really are
so you just keep on breathing and there’s no telling how far
you will go within yourself within others and most of all within Him
keep in mind the deepest breaths are reserved for the deepest swim
let that map the way for what you do now
only you and the Father will know how far and how
you just keep breathing and let Him provide the air
you just keep breathing and He will meet every care