performing at the Tennessee Pourhouse


by Jason Tomlinson

It’s time – so I get everything ready 

set list made rhymes rehearsed everything is steady
I walk through the front door ready to go
it’s Friday night and I’ve got a show
I do what I do and it goes pretty well
everyone had fun as far as I can tell
but there’s something even better that I see
it’s not my show but what was shown to me 
cause I came with my sweetheart my princess and little guy 
three treasures I watch from the stage with my eye
my parents came too to hear my report 
their encouragement is life as is their support
I had several cousins to come tonight 
they also performed and it was outta sight!
and several co-workers came by too
their presence was a most beautiful view
it really meant a lot that they came to hear
what I had to say now I’m in high gear
not because of my show but because of who I see
thank you for reminding the show’s not about me