by Jason Tomlinson

Power or authority to do something or act
if you can give this to people you will attract
more followers than your mind can begin to conceive
you’ll give people the ability to believe
and understand what they have already
something for life to use on the steady
something that they’ve had all along
an expression a movement a gift a song
the description given to the woman or man
who moves their status from cannot to can
who move from seed to fully flowered
can be recognized as having been empowered
oh it’s an amazing thing to be able to declare
that you helped someone get their idea out there
I want to support groups and individuals who make this their goal
of helping those express their soul
groups that empower people to use their gifting
are earth changing mavericks in a word uplifting
I thank God for such groups who take what could
and make it what did let’s spread that good