IMG_1204 Fresh Start

by Jason Tomlinson

The end – that point where there’s nothing more

finality has come and closed every door

to the house of despair while you were inside

and you can’t escape no matter what you’ve tried

all your friends and family have said goodbye

completely alone you sit down to cry

this is no fairy tale or dark fantasy

this is your story this is your history

I wonder – if I could – in the middle of your dark

allow me to make one single little spark

allow me to elaborate on one small possibility

one small suggestion that made a difference to me

I’m not sure if you’re ready – it may seem like a myth

but two words that may apply here are simply – what if

what if this is not the end as you now suppose?

what if there’s a way out that I can possibly propose?

what if someone can come inside into your house of despair

and show you how to navigate and make your way out of there?

what if there’s a way to experience life again?

what if there’s a second chance to be more than what you’ve been?

what if a do-over is really on the road ahead?

an avenue of courage with no room for dread

what if there is hope and healing for your heart

what if all this is true? what if there’s a fresh start?