by Jason Tomlinson

We were friends in the first place from the very start
and that quickly evolved from my head to my heart
you became my girlfriend I beheld your beauty every day
those days were quick though as I asked you to be my fiancé
on top of the world? yeah for sure
a love so new so good so pure
not temporary but long enough for life
in the fullness of time I received you as my wife
emotionally physically spiritually and legally
I belonged to you and you belonged to me
could it get any better? is there a sequel to something this good?
in a word yes as we moved into parenthood
and that was and is a completely different story of us
with frustrations a plenty and great days glorious
since then we’ve added other descriptions to how we relate
travelers missionaries clients
members and teachers in the Volunteer state
but of all the titles we share the one I will cling to until the end
better than wife better than mom I treasure you most as my friend
I hope that you understand what I’m trying to say
cause our friendship means more day after day
I’m not talking about a casual friendship here
but a friendship that perseveres year after year
like Ecclesiastes 4 John 15 and Ruth 1
friendship on this level is never outdone
it was our beginning it will remain until the end
blessed that I can call you blessed even more that I can call you friend