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A Party for Mr Voss
by Jason Tomlinson

I’m throwing a party for Ryan Voss
all win no loss like a boss he’s the sauce!
today’s his birthday and he’s everybody’s guy
so the party level has GOT to be HIGH!
the guest list is gonna have to be crazy amazing
with characters and people with reputations blazing
like Nightwing his most favorite crime fighter of all
and Bruce Jason Tim and Damian would also get a call
and the party wouldn’t be complete without an invite
to Alfred and Jim all friends of the Dark Knight
moving on from Gotham City there’s more birthday bash
Green Arrow and his friends and all of team Flash
while we’re inviting superheroes I’m pretty sure we can
get the Justice League Avengers X-Men and Spider-man!
the Ninja Turtles? Yeah they never get old
alright alright we can get Blue Beetle and Booster Gold
now changing worlds to something else just as cool
Link would have to come with Zelda from Hyrule
and the Mushroom Kingdom would also be good to go
Princess Peach Toad Luigi and Mario
and as for music we’ll have the best choice
of listening to Dog Truck with Scruffy Bill’s voice
and speaking of scruffy Han Solo would be there too
with Luke Leia and Obi-Wan also in view
but the best part of of this party for everybody’s guy
would be everyone coming from the dojo Cobra Kai
Johnny Mr Silver and Sensei Kreese would meet
meet us with wonderful piñatas to beat
and do you who the piñatas would look like?
Miyagi and LaRusso riding on his bike!
beat em beat em beat em! oh what fun it will be!
the best guests the best games sure sounds good to me!
happy birthday Mr voss thanks for all you do
enjoy today in all its glory and know we sure appreciate you