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My Boat
by Jason Tomlinson

My boat is so good it’s always been the best for me
it’s not perfect but it always gets me where I wanna be
I’m pretty content to stay in my boat
it’s swift enough and it stays afloat
honestly I feel like it’s who I’ve become
I am it as a whole and not just some
what’s that you say?
my boat is not the only way?
well I know that that’s plain to see
I’m just saying my boat is the best for me
now I must disagree
a better boat for me? that can’t be
there is no better boat in all creation
no craft more suitable for my transportation
my boat is stalwart tried and true
what?! you claim the better boat belongs to you?
alright I’ll humor you for argument’s sake
but I’m not gonna change there’s too much at stake
but actually your sails look really fine
could I possibly put your sails on mine?
and while I’m at it could I have your mast too?
my boat with your sails and mast would be quite a view!
a combination of old and new could brave any weather
my boat and yours – what could be better?