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Snow Days
by Jason Tomlinson

We already had two days anyway but now we have all five!
news that good has the punch to make the dead alive
and as for me it’s better than good
I’m the happiest dude in the neighborhood!
cause I’m a teacher married to a teacher and we have three great kids
so today let me tell you a few of the things we did
first and foremost we stayed up late and slept in even later
played some games watched some movies but what was even greater
was Tuesday when all five of us bundled up to go outside
mommy and daddy pulled the sled to give the kids a ride
we don’t have a hill but that was okay
we pulled em with a jump rope laughing all day
and later that night I assumed the role of tutor
by teaching them Garage Band on our computer
our 11 year old and our 8 year old too
made their own songs brand spanking new
they were immediately added to the family playlist
sure to be jammed never to be missed
so proud to see them engaged in creating
I smile cause my heart is celebrating
not just part of it but all of it every thing
days like this fill me up they make my heart sing
gratitude moves me I’m thankful in so many ways
loving life love my family loving everything about these snow days