Turn on the Light
by Jason Tomlinson

Dark times fall on all of us here
we hope for brevity but it could be years
for everything to get back in place
and routines to regain their pace
so now what? when feeling so defeated
and food clothes and shelter are still needed
what can be done when finances have missed the mark?
does darkness actually have to be in the dark?
the answer in a word is no
there is actually one place to go
a place modeled after its own namesake
abundant help for you to take
cause life has a way of surprising us with pain
calamity tragedy with loss to gain
but life also has the kindness of strangers
rescuing us from injury and dangers
providing transportation to a place to mend
paying the bill until the end
that’s what this place is like I’m so glad I know it
their example is solid given they always show it
they show us that through dark times we can be alright
they do for us so we can pass it on and together we turn on the light