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Positive Responsibility (The optimist’s pep talk)
by Jason Tomlinson

It’s this tenacity for positivity that fuels my optimism
between the good and I there’s a magnetism
that demands we both collide and cling
but it’s not just for me – I let this message ring
I know how pessimistic panic can powerfully pervade
like blistering sunshine but I’ve got the shade
I feel a glorious burden of responsibility
to spotlight every inch of good that I see
sometimes it’s hard I’m not gonna lie
when men kill men and the innocent die
my optimism isn’t naïve NO it’s real
I believe good news returns what bad news can steal
bad news steals hope courage and imagination
it cripples communities cities and nations
but good news has this insane ability
to bring it all back to you and me
bring back hope courage and imagination too
good won for me it’ll win for you
if we need to cry that’s fine for a minute
but let’s not wallow when we could win it
win a perspective so unshakeable
an attitude completely untakeable
a rise above every failure and fall
all pluses multiplying let’s do this y’all!