Jason Tomlinson and Tia Mitchell
Jason Tomlinson and Tia Mitchell
Walking in Her Gifting
by Jason Tomlinson

Encouraged to encourage blessed to bless

inspired to inspire progressed to progress
she gives because it was given to her
gifted to gift greatness will occur
in the hearts and minds present to her measure
witness is borne to invaluable treasure
that’s what she is gives and creates
taking her audience to the pearly gates
they know they’ve encountered God most high
and there are smiles snaps and amens some laugh some cry
all respond to the message downpour showered
she brings His reign and we are all empowered
to think do and in fact be great
these blessings are so big we need a second plate
a second net it reminds me of the Lord
the catch went crazy and the fish were overboard
this is what it’s like when we respond to His choice
when we lay down our will and follow His voice
when we put away our silly suggestions and submit to his plan
no weapon formed can prosper no dark force no man
can stand against her or us engaged so uplifting
I thank God for my sister walking in her gifting