Send Your Words
by Jason Tomlinson

The power of life and death is contained in speech

whether written or spoken its potential to reach
is nothing less than infinite for real
so let’s use them to love and to heal
because we all felt those that never did
whether grown up or still a kid
the pain remains indefinitely
and wounds become scars on you and on me
words – they’re so strong they go so deep
it’s a lie when they say that talk is cheap
cause so-called cheap talk hurts a lot
unfulfilled promises with action not
being accompanied with by the speaker
are cancerous which leave the listener weaker
and I’m not even describing something major
this is something that occurs in everyday behavior
the mean of negative communication
infests our culture with casual intimidation
send your words like water to a parched population
send your words for comfort and sweet consolation
send your words to defend the defenseless and voiceless
send your words to lead the way for the trapped who feel choiceless
words are support and strength they restore and uplift
precious beyond description words are a gift