Draw It Out

by Jason Tomlinson

If I give it to em nobody will learn

so I practice patience this is their turn

this is their time to shine in the sun

and besides I’m not the only one

who can draw out what’s already there

life has a way of directing what they declare

so I’m a part of many more who will attempt to reach

these brilliant young minds that we teachers teach

so glad I’m not their only chance

I’m not the only adult promoting their advance

it is encouraging when I think of it that way

there’s no telling how far past today

these students will escalate across this nation

this world even I could offer up my estimation

but I’m sure the reality is even better it’s true

looking forward to what these students will do

and not only that but what they’re doing

no waiting on the future for what they’re pursuing

it is now it is strong and it crushes every doubt

so blessed beyond that I get to be here to draw it out