I have it. My sister has it.
Strong Force
by Jason Tomlinson

By the time I was 9 in the third grade

the original trilogy had already been made
and unfortunately I was too young to go
but early elementary saw me catching up on video
and did I love it! Oh my word I did!
cereal cartoons action figures such wonders for a kid
I had the Ewok village Jabba the Hut and a storm trooper’s speeder bike
a long time ago in a galaxy far far away this stuff is totally what I like
and it stepped out for a minute for a moment to remain unseen
but in 1997 it was time for them to return to the big screen
I have fond memories sitting in the theater feeling very alive
in my early 20s I felt like a kid watching episode five
it wasn’t too much later that the prequels came
some of it was good but some of it was lame
but the coolest thing that overshadowed the bad
was in 2003 when I became a dad
and then before long a few years later
I got to experience something even greater
the happiness unparalleled never will be done
sharing Star Wars with my daughter and my son
and since then there’s been everything a plenty
the supply has been anything but skinny
and now AND NOW we reside in geek heaven
in eager anticipation for episode VII
December can’t get here fast enough
cause my whole family loves this stuff
2015 so glad they’re making
so ready for Star Wars: The Force Awakens