Nailed to the Cross
by Jason Tomlinson

The list gets longer every time I turn around

opening my big mouth when I shouldn’t make a sound
being quiet when I should stand up and speak
the list says I’m a liar a cheater a deceiver a sneak
the list stands between me and my family and friends
creating confusion and ridiculous spins
like we’re enemies even though we’re not
could be moving on but we’re still caught
caught in a trap that won’t cease to persist
all because of this stupid list
I hate it I hate it more than I can say
it makes me see night while it’s still day
I hate it I do but I know Who hates it more
I know Who it hurts deep down to the core
I know who realizes the magnitude of loss
I thank God this was the list that was nailed to the cross
So it is finished I am free indeed I live
we will be with Him in paradise cause He said Father forgive
what stands between my God and I?
what standard of justice convicts me to die?
what accusation stands against the Lord’s anointed?
who will change the appointment of he whom God has appointed?
the list?! I don’t think so!
not only is it gone but it is God that made it go
He doesn’t even remember it it is nothing in His mind
the list is no where in His presence you cannot possibly find
if you search for it chalk it up to a joyful loss
my brothers my sisters the list was nailed to the cross
Walk in forgiveness walk anew
the list no longer has any weight on you
it is gone forever rejoice in emancipation
You are ransomed forever to live in celebration
your list my list mark it off as your greatest loss
the list – forever – is nailed to the cross