I think I must have fallen asleep ‘cause none of this seems real
my senses haven’t convinced my soul ‘cause my heart knows how to feel
and the overriding feeling is one of longing and dissatisfaction
my heart’s north star leads me upward and onward towards divine attraction
this is all a dream all this is just temporary
and I couldn’t ask for more ‘cause sometimes all this is downright scary
but I trust in a few things that make everything all right
untouchable invisible but yielding true sight
I know the land I’m heading towards and I know who’s getting me there
the land defined by the Divine it is our delight to declare
arm in arm with these story-telling saints we have a Name
the same Name as the One who came to erase shame and blame
Oh God thank You for this Name the Name in which we glory
the Name that pardons purifies and provides our powerful praise packed story
the Name that makes us One it’s the Son who got it done
and wrapped it all up perfectly He won
so we win all men escape the pen
and live relevant and connected free from sin
radically changed by the Love of Jesus in more ways than we can count
the impact on our near and far neighbors in an ever increasing amount
moving us to higher levels of glory this truth is transforming
doling dynamic compassion sometimes warming sometimes storming
depending on circumstances and your status whether near or far
it’s true He meets you my Lord meets you where you are
whether encased in doubt waiting for proof
or behind locked doors under secrecy’s roof
He will write His story on your heart
His story it’s the best story His expression His art
to break through define and re-define
the shortest distance between two points He is our line
our line to Father to wake up in His arms
victorious in a Land Glorious forsaking harms embracing charms
a thousand if not a million if not immeasurable if not infinity
try to put a number on the weight of the Trinity
impossible and I for one am glad
that I am unhindered by everything I’ve ever done – good or bad
unhindered! man I like how that sounds
I like – I mean I love it – cause it erases all bounds
in all things we are boundless He makes all things New in every way
no longer grounded but risen and that’s what we celebrate today
this day makes it possible all things are possible we have all we need
we will wake up in a Land of Glory because He is risen
He is risen indeed