If I could just get this one thing out then everything else would follow

‘cause everything I compensate it with just feels empty flat and hollow

all the fake that I feel doesn’t free its not real

the storm in heart stirs within ‘til I release thunder’s peal

don’t ask me to do this ‘cause I don’t think I can

don’t ask me to unzip this façade and betray my empty man

I’m a boy and I can’t be known by anyone

I can’t fall prey to the judgments of men too much I’d be undone

but I don’t know how much longer I can stand this isolation

the frustration degradation is the dark motivation of this oration

I’ve got to get this one thing out I know its killing me inside

can’t swim away I’m not okay to withstand the whelming tide

moving is bad but staying is even worse

God save me


I don’t want this curse