Beautiful to say the least applies easily to all three
the three mothers in my world absolutely mean the world to me
I’ve never thought I could say enough. Possible? No, I don’t think so.
actually I’m compelled to say more right now – hang on – here we go

The first lady the mom of my youth the woman who I affectionately call mother
for more than forty years she has been there day and night been there for me and my brothers
and my father she is faithful she’s a blessing to all those whose life she blesses
and that would be every single one whether put together or riddled in messes
people find themselves comfortable with her she exhibits tenderness by the truckload
unable to feel awkward when she’s near my definition of home is her abode
in my youth from state to state home was us together
mom dad and my brothers for sure any storm we could weather
we could weather it with mom our mom the best
untouchable leaving all others in the dust better than all the rest

The second lady with whom I find sweet delight
the lady who causes me to smile upon immediate sight
is someone who though growing up I never saw
however now I can’t say enough about my mother-in-law
that title doesn’t do justice to her because she’s better than all others
seriously I brag about her whenever I can do my three poor brothers
they’re poor because their mothers-in-law are just not the best
but as for mine well I gotta say that I am more than blessed
to have my children be her grandkids they call her Meme its true
her generosity and kindness are indeed what make her due
praise and love accolades and admiration
she is worthy of all of it today is her celebration

The third lady is easily my most favorite of the three
and I don’t think the other two begrudge just how much she means to me
she’s not my mom but she is a mom you see she’s my partner for life
my most favorite mom in the universe is none other than my wife
there’s no one else who I would rather have love my Landon Hannah Nate
I am driven, propelled and lead today to honor and celebrate
this amazing woman this angel walking on earth
she’s nothing short of the best ever no limit to her worth
doing what she does best every single day
I’m so glad she and I are going the same way
no small amount of blessing she’s the mom to my dad
these are just a couple of reasons why I am so glad

These ladies are certainly part of my definition
my past present future my progress my tradition
God-sent God-given God inspired Gods providence
these three are indeed nothing less than God evidence