Receiving Correction


Proverbs 29:1

A man who hardens his neck after much reproof

will suddenly be broken beyond remedy.


Nabal and Ahab these are the names

of men who continually played the same games

I’m sure they had chances but all were wasted away

and because of no change destruction came in one day


Saying you’re sorry saying you’re wrong really is a good thing

when you respond to another’s correction it’s enough to make ‘em sing

but when you harden your heart and waste another’s breath

you do yourself no favor but rather wish for your own death


When you stood on the hill of death and sin

you were warned again and again

come down before it gets too late

and in the end you suffer a much worse fate


Receiving correction is a humbling occasion

but you could request no better persuasion

there can really be no better plan trying

for often it’s the difference between living and dying