I decided to take a look in a drawn out gaze
and inventory all of my days
to determine if most of them were good or bad
to evaluate what kind of background I’d had
and to my enlightened surprise I had to exclaim
that both of them were exactly the same
that is to say my days good and bad
24 hours glad and 24 mad
arrived at exactly the same sum
and in this to a wonderful conclusion I’ve come
it’s a balancing act between the high and low
living in the tension of life’s ebb and flow
enlightened by this sort of sight
balanced between the left and the right

This balancing act has long been trying to inform
these dangerous habits that cry out in the storm
and rejoice a little too much on the easy ride
but now I’m taking it all in stride
cause the brevity of my lows equals the brevity of my highs
and in either one I can rest on the assurance of the wise
that I need not worry when everything is above my head
no problem in the darkness no room for dread
nor room for over-excitement above the line
of sparkling rainbows and dazzling sunshine
it ain’t easy but it’s so much more beneficial
to even keel for real than being superficial
whatever it is it’s not as good as I think
and whatever is bad lacks the power to sink
my ship that floats on a sea of temperance
its all gravy baby my duck back water yields deference
peaks and valleys until further notice and that is okay with me
either one I’m balanced and fine as fine can be