You are right You have always been right
Maker of Heaven and Earth sky seas and light
immeasurable in your goodness wisdom and strength
no limits to Your depth no end to Your length
the Ancient of Days I Am Who I Am and always will be
Inventor of all that we hear, touch and see
all these things are so all bear witness true
but this time of year I’m inclined to think so much more of You
cause from the dawn of time You have been leading
giving us all exactly just what we were needing
its been this way from times older than old
we needed to know and it was You who told
us just how to live and just what to do
from Abraham to Malachi we were able to hear from You
but better than telling us from town to town
You picked the time and the place and You came down
You came down in order to know us
born in humility just to show us
everything that had been written from day one
is the Word made flesh       Messiah          Son