IMG_8647 - Version 2This is my story

at least it is the beginning

I’m just a few chapters into it

but I already feel like I’m winning

not because I’m good or smart I’m certainly not the best

but when I think about it I can’t help feeling extraordinarily blessed

my Father has poured out His Spirit through His Son

Salvation is mine because of Him not at all what I’ve done

and in addition to it all this I journey with my crew

my team allow me to introduce my few

IMG_8648 - Version 2

Given the option of being with anyone in the whole universe

you can probably guess my answer based on this verse

cause the chorus is the same as verses one two and three

there are none better there are no substitutes for me

but just the real thing that she is appears to be and does

these and so many more are the reasons because

our destinies have been woven together by the Master Weaver

and in dark days and black nights I will never leave her

but by her side in my arms in the sunshine and rain

here. always. we remain

IMG_8636 - Version 2to go on even when we feel like quitting

persevering enduring stitched up by love’s knitting

by a thread Divine we are made one by One greater

it makes a difference now it’ll make a difference later

to the end of our days when its just me and her

and in that late hour one thing will occur

at least one thing I can say this for sure

not because either one of us is pure

nor because we have such a great amount of care

but we will make it because He will be there

IMG_8367 - Version 2but seriously that is a long ways away

we have no shortage of things going on today

these three have blown up our lives every year

specifically for example is this one right here

I LOVE THIS GUY!  Seriously!  He’s like no other

growing up so fast he’s getting to be like a brother

hanging out with him is never a bore

or a chore he’s so cool I’ll take time with him galore

from his beginning out west in the Golden State

my big boy Landon! that dude?  SO GREAT!

IMG_8383 - Version 2speaking of great Landon has a sister

and you would be amiss if you happened to miss her

so allow me to introduce this little lass

the princess of pizzazz little miss sass

she is my baby girl positively perfect in every way

possessing a magical spirit that carries every day

shining bright a delight for whom everyone cares

though still her own person never putting on heirs

but confident with every step respected in every place

my Hannah Elizabeth representative of Grace

IMG_8230 - Version 2

and now to this boy not at all to be outdone

my little fella cutest of all is my baby boy son

to a degree I did not realize existed

but now I bear witness as I’ve seen it persisted

every day and I see him he’s the world to me

he’s not quite two and already I can see

the impact that he’s had on everyone he comes across

smiles invade every encounter he’s a little boss

and he commands happiness to suddenly appear

every day is blessed I thank God he’s here

IMG_8454 - Version 2Every day is blessed because of all five

each one of us is blessed just to be alive

and be next to involved in with one another

husband wife sister brother

united and wrapped up given by He

who gave us to each other me for you you for me

unstoppable together charging down opposition

refusing to entertain any other proposition

committed with reservations for every single year

my God my family I’m staying right here