Conflict is inevitable regardless the matter
like the baseball coming straight at the batter
there’s not necessarily someone to blame
just like life it’s part of the game
so rest assured it’s unavoidable for sure
though for a season one may endure
without a fight from a friend or foe
but before long that’s how it’ll go
don’t worry though I have good news
there is one measure we all can use
lest we fret and become too tense
there is much to be said in defense of defense
it is inevitable that we’ll all meet our end
and choose whether to attack or defend
I say defend again and again
in the world of boys and the world of men
a good defense trumps a good offense every day
the reasons are many but let me say
that one important reason why defense is best
Is that defense moves from a place of rest
while offense was moving bound over bound
defense was secure standing its ground
ready for peace to come undone
and when the smoke cleared defense won