This year’s Christmas tree was not exactly the best
the shape was very different it wasn’t like the rest
of the living trees that we have had so many years before
no the unfortunate shape of this year’s tree left us wanting something more
here’s the thing though – it wasn’t a total waste
I found improved perspective that reformed my taste
for the tree actually took on a different form
and there was this one thing that improved its norm
we were happy in the living room many nights
for the tree looked great dressed up in lights
the lights lassoed around the Christmas tree
made it shine beautifully
not unlike some of us
who argue complain fight and fuss
but turn for the better clothed in Light
so seeing them is actually a real delight
Lord light me up like a unsightly tree
so I can bless all who come by me
let my stature be Light’s frame for all year
so the world will know You are here