I’ve got friends family foes and fans
in numerous cities and multiple lands
and for every last individual I offer up thanks
my life is richer than savings in a thousand banks
your contributions and investments into my soul
propel me on to my daily goal
of doing being and achieving more
looking forward to what’s in store
but right now let me dial it down a bit
and narrow the focus to my greatest hit
to the most important person in my life
by now you gotta know I’m talking ’bout my wife!
cause honestly I love my friends I really do
but she’s the one that gets me through
my buddies and my bros can help me start
but my woman is my beating heart
when her hug and kiss send me out the door
I’m ready to take on the whole world in war
cause her support respect and admiration
are worthy of this year end celebration
she believes in me and that gets me going
like I’m bullet proof on the mic while I’m flowing
and rhyming she says “baby, you can”
I’m ten feet fall cause I’m her man
she’s my number one fan and because of this
I feel like there’s nothing I can miss
I’m impossible to drown in any tide
I’m indestructible cause she is by my side