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Subtle Impact
by Jason Tomlinson

When I think of impact one thing comes to mind
a car crash that leaves a lot of wreckage behind
it’s not pretty and I speak personally
the impact of a car crash is a nightmare to me
but I have experienced impact in other ways
when I consider the sum of all of my days
my calculations have an encouraging leaning
jam packed with nurturing healing and meaning
cause there’s another type of impact that’s greater than collision
it’s one that brings together and opposes division
the sort of impact I’m referring to only needs one modifier
it only needs one adjective to take it up much higher
and it is subtle really that’s what I’m talking about
subtle impact carries the power it is the straightest rout
epic impact makes the news and carries resounding note
but subtle impact is the life-jacket that keeps us all afloat
what I’m talking about are those moments that add up over the years
a visit a note a compliment a shoulder for shedding tears
many have them many give them my invitation is to all
sharing your subtle impact to those prone to fall
is life mercy and truth to put it mild
whether you are old or whether you are a child
we all have this in us this very good potential
this is not a small matter this could be providential
cause a God that provides for birds and trees
and calls us to love the least of these
understands the significance of subtle impact completely
in word in thought for us all may it be