1995 Disney/Pixar

Defining Friendship (for Woody and Buzz)
by Jason Tomlinson

There are several ironies
that they began as enemies
delusion versus jealousy neither one understanding
both with agendas incredibly demanding
the first one had his world completely arranged
the second had his mission which was completely deranged
the first one lived in fear nearly every day
the second one worried he may never get away
the first ones fears were soon realized
when his importance was soon downsized
things got real crazy with order undone
and everybody thought bad of the first one
completely estranged from everyone they knew
the only friend number one had was number two
so after they finished their personal attack
they had to rely on each other in order to get back
and in doing so their feud met its end
and beautifully they became friends
the whole process then also brought
another gift that they both got
something that originally neither one knew
but something they both needed to view
they both had ugly agendas persisting
but their friendship defined their purpose for existing
a glorious task a job of joy
their purpose was to be there for that boy