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Ten Thousand Hours
by Jason Tomlinson

Ten thousand hours – go ahead and take it

you gotta practice that much if you  wanna make it

to expert level in whatever you do
only the dedicated will be able to get through
cause many will begin but fewer will continue
and even fewer will finish in the treacherous venue
that separates the posers from the winners
and the snackers from those eating their dinners
it’s time to feast! and the banquet is set
few are willing to try and most wanna forget
that this path is not made for all
but for those willing to knock down the wall
when no doors are anywhere near
getting over there means starting right here
ten thousand hours can’t be neglected
focus your energy get yourself directed
you already know what ten thousand hours feels like
you may have to take a mental hike
back to a time when you first did
kindergarten age five you were just a kid
consider 10,000 hours later assuming you weren’t delayed
you would’ve been 13 wrapping up the seventh grade
and that’s just 7 hours a day for 180 days a year
consider what you accomplished going there to here
now think about what you could do with the eight years coming now
you could be the expert in something ima tell you how
for eight years I want you practice as if you were fighting death
give it your all as surely as you draw breath
it’ll take more than a thousand hours a year
but when you get to the other side you will be here
not as a fan but as an expert standing
your advice they’ll be demanding variables you’ll be commanding
now suppose you’re old suppose your chance has come and gone
what if you are just too near for your last breath to be drawn?
hey! listen now! that kinda thinking ain’t right
you’ll be alive in eight more years! why don’t you start it up tonight?