Keep Courage Going
by Jason Tomlinson

I want to make all this about me but that’s destined to fail

but if I make it about you then that’s more likely to sail
and if I make it about you and base my words on what you need
then we will all reap a greater benefit across the board indeed
now determining what you need is not a simple task
there are many of you so it’d be impossible to ask
I think about people I know in every state and nation
and the common ground is a need for inspiration 
and specifically just so you know what inspiration is being sent
is something we all need and that is encouragement 
encouragement for what? well that’s up to you
but I bet we all need more courage to do 
whatever it is that we know we must 
rather than scrap it all and call it a bust
allow me to suggest you can
I want you to be brave you woman you man
fear timidity laziness and apathy
are not welcome in the realm where you’re meant to be
you’re better than that you’ve got this
be brave be courageous cause even if you miss
your courage will drive your tenacious  persistence 
and burn up all shreds of petty resistance 
and you will cross that line! Oh my word what glory!
it will be yours and you will have such a story
so as to pass it on to the next one not knowing 
and in turn you too will keep courage going