Love Me in My Strength
by Jason Tomlinson 

I expect to be alone in my weakness 

broken engagement in carnal uniqueness 
is anything but attractive so yeah I get it 
it hurts like crazy and I always regret it
but there is a greater pain still
that can numb my senses and eventually kill
to be alone in my strength is much more severe
to have excellence to display and for no one to be near
is worse than any alienation in my wrong
I know no one likes a bad song
so if I’m doing exactly what I should
and what I’m putting out is good
I want to be surrounded and supported 
and not ignored or even purported  
to be someone of ill intent
with a good facade but a wicked bent
i guess what I’m trying to say is this
we all have strengths so let’s not miss
the best of all that we can do
please love me in my strength and together we’ll get through