You’re Gonna Need a Poem
by Jason Tomlinson

It’s coming for all of us no matter who we are
no matter where we live my experience so far
seems to indicate no matter where I may be
life happens for all of you and me
and that is good and that is bad
it is cause for fear and reason to be glad
it could make you a lover or a hater
but you’re gonna need a poem sooner or later
cause you’re gonna fall in love eventually some day
and poetry will be the means to say what you need to say
anthemic verses will be your wings
and you will soar as your heart sings
unless it doesn’t work out cause eventually you’ll crash
eventually love will sour and your treasure will be trash
you’ll need poetry even more then
navigating stormy seas this will be again and again
but you’ll get back you’ll be alright
you’ll find more reasons to take delight
and you’ll need a poem for every year
as life happens far and near
through weddings birthdays and graduations
you’ll need a poem for celebrations
through divorces deaths and eliminations
you’ll need a poem for lamentations
and on those days when there’s nothing at all
you’ll need a poem to jump start a stall
now there’s nothing wrong with reaching for what’s written
we poets love it when our words are fittin’
but if I may one thing that I would suggest
in order for you to get the best
whether it is old or whether it is new
the poem you need is the poem from you