Worth Remembering

by Jason Tomlinson


I took a lot of people’s pictures today and that is a good thing
all of them are worth remembering for all the joy they bring
students and teachers acquaintances and friends
these are the means to all my to my happy ends
you are my exclamation marks in a world of dots
you are my bubbles in a world of spots

and I wouldn’t trade a one of you nope not a single one
your value your inherent value will never never be done
I realize that very soon many of you are going away
on to bigger important things so it’s not possible for you to stay

you will be missed these years have not been spent in vain
your absence will be noticed and knowing you has been a great gain
we send you in strength power knowledge and truth
the experience of wisdom and the energy of youth

take what you have be ready to tell
clothe yourselves with honor and wear it well