Jason Tomlinson and Jerry Skaggs

Courage and Responsibility (a tribute to Charlee Skaggs and her family)
by Jason Tomlinson

There is hope when courage and responsibility meet
and tenacious determination nothing can beat
the potency of such a combination
provides enough power for any situation
any hurdle any discouraging circumstances
any thing where despair possibly advances
cause I know a family where this is the case
courage and responsibility? it’s at their place
it’s in their hearts lived out in their action
and because of this they are bullseyed by hope’s attraction
and what is so remarkable – the thing that impresses me the most
is that they consider their efforts as never something to boast
their courage and responsibility yield humility I cannot measure
and that alone would make this family a treasure
but that doesn’t even sum up every reason to give them praise
if I were to start a list it would take me days
so know this – they are true and they are right
they are engaged in a struggle they are fighting a mighty fight
and its nobility cannot possibly be overstated
it cannot be talked about enough it cannot be overrated
they have no place sitting at the table of despair discouragement and defeat
this family – this amazing family – where courage and responsibility meet

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