Surrounded by Friends
by Jason Tomlinson

The bad guys always want to kill the good guys but the good guys just wanna be friends
the bad guys tolerance level is zero so they wanna bring dissenters to their ends
this can be metaphorical but literal as well
unable to stomach sharing heaven they’re very confident in who’s going to hell
I’m sure the irony has not escaped your understanding
but I do find it helpful in exposing those demanding
measures they cannot possibly meet
the idea of relating to anyone different is an impossible feat
the only thing they can think of doing instead is a massive shutdown
not seeking to make peace they only strive to put down
all who they perceive to stand in their way
these are the bad guys and at the end of the day
their thoughts ways and ideals shall not endure
of this you can be sure
the good guys will not have struggled in vain
surrounded by friends they will remain