Something worth Celebrating (a tribute to Tom and Sandy Koentop)

One confident bachelor with supposedly no plans to attach
encountered destiny and met his match
no hesitation as neither one tarried
six months later the two of them were married
when it’s meant to be it’s meant to be
no need to hang around to see
if any better offers come along
cause anything else would just be wrong
so the journey began in the right direction
with ecclesiastical support and spiritual connection
they journeyed down the road together
through the good and bad and all kinds of weather
family dynamics on the ground floor
to waiting anxiously while he’s off to war
becoming parents both surprised and planned
and both yielding evidence of God’s good hand
in seasons of trying struggling and growing
the 70s 80s and 90s they kept on going
in the 2000s 10s and teens they’re still here
decades roll on and they persevere
through disappointment and depression stage by stage
and it is love that shows up on every single page
it is love that binds them soul to soul
and they are golden – oh my word – not in part but the whole
is something worth observing and emulating
what they have is something worth celebrating