Worship at Big Stuf 2015

Kingdom Movement
by Jason Tomlinson

The Movement is permanent it’s not going away
it will be here long after today
and tomorrow and the day after that one too
the perfection of the movement insures it is true
despite attempts to the contrary
and some were even terrifyingly scary
the Movement is always bigger than the sum of its parts
always deeper than all our hearts
it’s His heart that moves in one accord
regardless of who is on board
but you wanna be on this train trust me
moving unimaginably fast it is free
it’s The Movement the Kingdom in short His reign
yielding levels of courage none can explain
why else would we do what we do
if we didn’t have eyes with the Kingdom in view
but it’s the perspective held by true believers
an outpouring making us crazy receivers
perhaps you’ve seen the response to such a gift
a turning of saints in an infinite lift
approaching the throne of the King of kings
the Maker Creator and Author of all things
Architect of the Kingdom in which they reside
they are satisfied with where they abide
and the evidence is clear – look at how they respond
in word in truth there is such a bond
that exists among the worshippers on their feet
He is their all in Him they’re complete